How Dry Ice Cleaning Works

Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that uses dry ice pellets to clean surfaces without leaving any residue behind or secondary waste.

The Science Behind Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting harnesses the power of three primary factors to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance.

    Pellet Kinetic Energy

    We use high-speed (supersonic) nozzles designed for surface preparation and removing coatings. By understanding that the force of impact depends on both the pellet's mass and velocity, we've optimized our delivery system to propel CO2 pellets at the highest speeds achievable in the blasting industry to ensure maximum impact on the targeted area.

    Thermal Shock Effect

    When our CO2 pellets hit their target, something fascinating happens. It's called the Thermal Shock Effect. Basically, the solid CO2 instantly transforms into gas, soaking up a ton of heat from the surface coating or contaminant. This creates a big temperature difference between different layers of the coating, kind of like when you step out of a hot shower into the cold air outside. This temperature gap causes tiny cracks to form between the layers, making it easier for the coating to break apart and peel away. So, in simple terms, our process uses sudden temperature changes to crack and remove surface coatings with precision.

    Thermal Kinetic Effect

    Let's break down the Thermal-Kinetic Effect in our process: When our CO2 pellets hit the surface, they create a mini-explosion! This happens because the solid CO2 instantly turns into gas, expanding rapidly and creating a burst of pressure. This pressure helps to lift off any broken coating particles, kind of like a gust of wind blowing away leaves. So, in simpler terms, our process uses a combination of rapid heat transfer and pressure to blast away surface contaminants with ease.

    Why choose dry ice blasting over other cleaning methods?

    Unmatched Results

    Dry ice blasting serves as a non-abrasive alternative to conventional cleaning techniques like sandblasting or chemical cleaning, ensuring residue-free results.

    Blasts Away Surface Contaminants With Ease

    Dry ice blasting produces superior results at a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

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