5 Facts About Dry Ice Blasting No One Thinks Are True

Apr 5, 2024 | Dry Ice Blasting

We all know not to believe everything we hear.

And most people haven’t even heard about dry ice blasting and all its different cleaning applications.

So, we decided to let you in on some little-known facts about dry ice blasting that you may not be aware of.

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dry Ice Blasting:

Fact #1 – Dry ice blasting cleans food prep areas effectively

It’s true. Cryogenic cleaning is EPA and FDA approved for use in food service, sanitizing food service equipment, and for cleaning food manufacturing and processing plants.

Fact #2 – Dry ice blasting saves money

The cost of dry ice blasting is extremely affordable, especially when considering the cost and expense of traditional cleaning methods.

Nothing beats the speed and cost-effectiveness of a highly skilled, highly motivated, and well-trained workforce.

Our dry ice blast technicians are professionals; cleaning is what they do!

There is a vast difference in productivity between using line-workers and maintenance personnel to clean -vs- utilizing a highly skilled and motivated cleaning crew -employing the right equipment, the right tools, and the proper cleaning materials.

It truly costs less to clean with dry ice blasting.

Fact #3 – Dry ice blasting is safe

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, cleaning with dry ice requires no caustic chemicals or hazardous material clean up. There are no rags or soiled paper products to dispose of, and most importantly, there is no waste-water to contain, treat, and then dispose of.

Dry ice pellets sublimate (or evaporate) into a harmless natural gas that dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving no residue and producing no secondary waste.

Pelletized dry ice does not ricochet, or bounce, and therefore will not damage people, parts, materials, or other objects in the cleaning zone.

The rate and velocity of the dry ice being delivered through the blast hose can be controlled to only impact the dirt, grease, oil, and grime being cleaned. This prevents any unwanted impact or potential damage to the cleaning area.

You can watch our highly trained dry ice blasting crews in action here in this video.

Fact #4 – Dry ice can be used to clean electrical equipment

Dry ice is actually a solid form of Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2), which is an odorless, tasteless gas found in our natural environment. And, because CO2 is a gas, it doesn’t conduct electricity in any way.  

We can clean electrical transformers, electrical generators, electrical gauges, wiring, circuit boards, and control panels safely, effectively, and without causing arcing, shorting or disruption of electrical service.

Fact #5 – Dry ice blasting is affordable

Many of our satisfied clients rely on cryogenic cleaning technology to save both time and money.

Clean equipment is safer, more sanitary, produces higher quality parts, and is easier to maintain.

Cleaning with dry ice takes less time, less material, requires almost zero-downtime and produces zero secondary waste to be contained, treated and disposed of.

Our crews can typically cut cleaning costs by up to 33% in most applications. That saves money which then translates to greater profit and higher quality for our customers.

So, how much does dry ice blasting cost?

Give us a call at 1-800-451-8684 or follow this link for your FREE, No Obligation Assessment of how Dry Ice Works can save you time, money, and maintenance costs.

You’ll be glad you did!

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