Dry Ice Blasting in Brick Renovation

Apr 5, 2024 | Dry Ice Blasting

Brick is Beautiful!

Are you renovating an interior residential, retail, or commercial space?

Do you like the appearance of exposed brick-work, but aren’t sure how to get that particular look? 

We have the Answer!

Dry Ice Blasting!

Dry Ice Blasting is a clean, safe, and efficient method for renovating brick in your home, office or industrial remodeling projects. 

Cleaning with dry ice blasting costs far less than you might imagine.

Dry ice blasting is not as aggressive as most blast media, and dry ice leaves no residue and no additional dust or debris to clean up.

Perhaps you’re concerned with damaging your brick surface?

We understand your concerns.

Pelletized dry ice is quite soft and much less dense than other blast-media (i.e. sand, shells, or plastic pellets).

Pelletized dry ice sublimates (evaporates) immediately on contact, transferring kinetic energy to the surface being cleaned which flash-freezes the contaminant, and dislodges it from your beautiful brick surface.

This process produces minimal abrasion, yet quickly and efficiently removes the top layer of dirt, paint, tar or contaminant quite easily.

The result is a beautiful restoration of the original brick craftsmanship. 

interior brick wall after cleaning with dry ice blasting
Photo by  Beni Krausz  on  Unsplash

How can I be sure my wall will look the way I want?

After dry ice blasting, the finished product is going to have a somewhat ‘distressed’ look.  But that’s what gives the brick its character! 

Brick is very porous material. Older brick (late 1800’s early1900’s) is also very unique in that it is notoriously inconsistent. Some batches can be quite “soft” -others very brittle. Brick structures are almost always a combination of compositions (soft, brittle and everything in between). Each brick structure is unique in that way.

Removing paint, tar, and other materials will inevitably “pull” at least some of the porous brick’s surface away with it.

In a way, the coatings and the brick are almost “one” -at the very surface anyway.

All that to say, there is no fool-proof way to know for certain exactly how the finished product is going to turn out.

However, we’ve used dry ice blasting to reveal the beauty of exposed brick surfaces in the past, and we can’t remember a time when our customer has been anything other than absolutely delighted with the results 

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We’re eager to consult with you on just how effective dry ice blasting can be in your renovation project.

Dry Ice Works!

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