Dry Ice Cleaning Industrial Robots

Apr 5, 2024 | Dry Ice Blasting

Industrial robots have the revolutionized the manufacturing industry by automating repetitive labor-intensive tasks, improving quality, and reducing corporate overhead by lowering production costs and increasing profits.

But even industrial robots need maintenance to remain productive, efficient and profitable.

Industrial robotic manufacturers recommend comprehensive maintenance programs for all of their machines to prevent breakdowns, extend the life of the machines, and to ensure their reliability.

The maintenance program for each specific industrial robot is different.

For instance, KUKA Robotics machines should be cleaned and serviced every 10,000 hours, while FANUC Robotics prefers that their industrial robots are cleaned and maintained every 3,850 hours, or at least once in every 12 month production period.

Here are just a few items that should be included in your industrial robotics maintenance plan:

  • Thoroughly clean your industrial robot with dry ice blast cleaning
  • Inspect for mechanical wear and damage
  • Clean control cabinet
  • Checking for defective seals and oil leaks
  • Changing Controller and Robot batteries
  • Inspect all cables and connectors for damage
  • Re-seat all internal and external cables
  • Tighten all internal connections
  • Purge and replace all lubricants
  • Verify zero position mastering
  • Cleaning and inspect ventilation system
  • Cleaning and inspect transformer compartment
  • Replace all filters

Of course, Dry Ice Works just cleans industrial robots with dry ice blasting. We don’t build robots, sell them or service them either. 

Dry Ice Works recommends that industrial robot technicians check their owner’s manual for the specific maintenance requirements of the machines and industrial robots they use.

In order for your robots to receive the very best in preventative maintenance service, your trusted robotics technicians need to have unobstructed access to these valuable machines.

Let Dry Ice Works partner with you and your maintenance team to clean your industrial robots prior to their scheduled inspections and repair work. 

We can set up a regular dry ice cleaning schedule, or we can be available on-call whenever you need dry ice blast cleaning services.

Dry Ice Works Industrial Robot Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Complete exterior dry ice cleaning service on location
  • All tools, materials, dry ice blasting machines, labor and supervision
  • Industrial robots cleaned in place, or outdoors –away from production areas
  • All debris collected and disposed of on-site, per governing rules, regulations and company policy

Every industrial robot requires regular cleaning and preventative maintenance to operate at peak performance.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the cleaning and servicing of your industrial robots. 

You can rely on Dry Ice Works for all your industrial robot dry ice cleaning needs.

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