How Much Does Dry Ice Blasting Cost?

Apr 5, 2024 | Dry Ice Blasting

How Much Will My Dry Ice Blasting Job Cost?

Here is one possible breakdown of professional blast cleaning costs in the Detroit, MI., Chicago, IL. & Toledo, OH. markets:

The following cost estimates are based on prevailing wages of a trained and competent workforce, heavily soiled job conditions and typical safety requirements.

Dry Ice Blasting Team –

  • Supervisor = $35.00/hr
  • Technician = $32.50/hr
  • Labor (ea) = $28.50/hr
  • Dry Ice Blast Machine = $48.00/hr
  • After-cooler attachment = $28.00/hr
  • 400-CFM/200-PSI Air Compressor = $48.00/hr
  • Consumables = $175.00/hr

TOTAL Hourly Rate: $395.00/hr*

Does not include mobilization.
All projects are unique and require individual assessment and estimates.

Contact Dry Ice Works for your specific assessment and job solutions estimate.

Please visit our website Dry Ice Works for more information about the cost-effective benefits of dry ice blast cleaning.

And, check out our Dry Ice Blasting videos on YouTube to see dry ice blast cleaning in action.

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