Why It Pays to Clean Injection Molding Equipment with Dry Ice Blasting

Apr 5, 2024 | Dry Ice Blasting

This is why it pays to clean your injection molding equipment with dry ice blasting.

We wanted to share a recent email exchange with one of our clients.

They are a molded foam parts supplier to the automotive industry.

Dry Ice Works:

Hi, good morning “General Plant Manager!”

I’m curious to know how the 110 line ran during production last night? 

We spent almost the entire shift cleaning that one line. The aluminum tools came out GREAT!  They cleaned up quickly and looked brand new.

Those Teflon-coated tools, on the other hand…they are very stubborn to clean. 

Our Client responds:

Good morning Dry Ice Works, 

The Third shift had a really good production run night last night.

Our Quality Control Manager is super excited about the pretty looking parts coming out of the aluminum tools.

Our Maintenance Engineer learned a great deal from this experience also.

We did not realize the Teflon-coated tools would be so difficult to clean.

Those tools were coated to make cleaning easier for us with the chemicals we were using, but it’s not working out that way at all. 

We can see that cleaning our tools with dry ice blasting is helping us a lot!

It’s looks like it’s going to be less expensive for us in the long run. And now we won’t have to worry about our employees being injured or burned anymore with the caustic cleaning chemicals. 

Thanks for all your help figuring this out!

We will see you this afternoon at 3:30 pm

Thanks again for all your help and input!

~ General Plant Manager

Cleaning injection mold tools and production lines with dry ice blasting is faster, safer, more economical and results in higher quality parts.

We enjoy working with our clients -in all industries -to help them improve the quality of their products and reduce their cleaning expenses.

We work hard to add value to our client’s operation by being trusted allies in their pursuit of safe and profitable operations.

Each situation is different, but we’re confident that by working together, we can design the perfect cleaning solution for your production needs.

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